• Oaklyn Consulting Adds Two Seasoned Business and Finance Professionals

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., March 16, 2017 — Oaklyn Consulting, a business financial strategy firm, announced today that Jack Rainer and Chris Wright have joined the firm.In their roles at Oaklyn Consulting, Rainer and Wright will help business owners use financial analysis to navigate strategic issues and challenges. Those challenges might include responding to an offer to buy the company, determining why and how to pursue growth funding or how to transition management within the business. They w...  Read More

  • Market Color: Middle Market Valuations 2016

    Our friends at GF Data® produce unusually good information about how private companies are valued in M&A transactions. For 2016, a few headlines from their analysis and a round-table meeting of M&A lawyers and investment bankers this week in Atlanta are:Record high valuations for companies $10-250 million in enterprise value. 6.9x EBITDA.High valuations were achieved by very well performing companies.   Read More

  • Market Color: Financial Advisory Firms

    We've been talking lately with brokerage and financial advisory firms about their strategic plans. The number one concern is the DOL's Fiduciary Rule and its impact on their businesses over the next few years. The rule itself is on hold, but many brokerages have already made the decision about how they will conduct business going forward, even if they haven’t stated it publicly.   Read More

  • Post Featured Image

    Talent Management Tips for a Merger or Acquisition

    Our experience is that employee communications is just as important as deal negotiations in many mergers. In February, Startup Southerner published our tips for business owners planning merger integration and concerned about employee communications. In short, be clear, current and candid.   Read More

  • Nelson Mullins' Rhys Wilson - "How To Prepare Your Business for Sale"

    In December, Nelson Mullins lawyer Rhys Wilson wrote a very good article for Industry Today about how to prepare a business for sale. I liked both the content of his points and the order that he addressed them:1st - Know your minimum sales price. Not second, not later, not based on what the market says.   Read More

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