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    5 Ways to Grow Your Business in Today's Economy

    In his new article for, Frank Williamson discusses 5 ways that business owners can capitalize on the strength of the current economy. Read the original article here.These are good times for business owners. The stock market continues its nine-year rise, unemployment is low, bank loans are cheap and, perhaps most importantly, consumer confidence is up.Although we’ve been on an upward trajectory in the U.S.   Read More

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    When Selling Your Business Causes an Identity Crisis

    Frank Williamson recently published an article on offering guidance for entrepreneurs whose personal identity may be tied to their role as business owners. Read the original article here.When you run a business, you're tied to it both financially and personally.The financial side is obvious: Your company's success or failure ultimately rides on your shoulders, affecting not just your personal livelihood but that of your employees.The emotional aspect of being a CEO is someth...  Read More

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    How to View Your Business Like an Investor

    Frank Williamson recently had a column published in Small Biz Daily offering advice to entrepreneurs on how to make their businesses more attractive to potential investors.Read the original article here.Starting a business takes a lot of effort and commitment. Because of this, it’s likely that your business means more to you than just a source of income.The company that you’ve created is an extension of you. It’s a community you’re the leader of, a place you call home for...  Read More

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    Approaching Your Business As If You're an Investor

    In his latest column for the Memphis Business Journal, Frank Williamson offers advice to entrepreneurs on how to understand and maximize their company's appeal to potential buyers.Read the original article here.When you build a business from the ground up, it means more to you than dollars and cents. It’s an embodiment of your vision and years of hard work.Moreover, your company is a community; as a business owner, you’re the leader. A time comes when you need to consider a future for your busin...  Read More

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    6 M&A Lessons That Even Experienced Pros Forget Sometimes

    Frank Williamson recently penned an article for the Alliance of M&A Advisors' "MidMarket Talk" newsletter discussing some takeaways from a recent M&A forum he participated in.Read the original article here.Being an M&A advisor is an experience of constant learning. No matter how long I work in this profession — and I’ve been doing it for more than 20 years — I never cease to encounter situations that present unforeseen challenges.I recently participated in a forum with five other exp...  Read More

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