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    Who We Helped in 2019

    During the holiday season, our tradition is to reflect on the year and assess how we fulfilled our purpose as a firm. Maybe you do something similar.Oaklyn Consulting's purpose is to be a good citizen of the business communities where we operate.In particular, we serve fellow professionals who are seeking thoughtful, strategic financial advice for clients or situations that are hard for investment banking firms to serve.Our partners are the capital markets departments of banks and financial ...  Read More

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    Memphis Business Journal: How to stop the bleeding from a struggling VC investment

    Venture capital investors typically know how to handle their clearly winning and losing investments. The challenging ones are those that could be valuable, but are currently bleeding cash. It was a pleasure to contribute an article to the Memphis Business Journal offering four ways to stop the bleeding from a struggling VC investment. Read the full article here. “We’ve got to stop the bleeding.”My client was a venture capital (VC) investor, talking about a small ...  Read More

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    SmallBizDaily: Offering Entrepreneurs More Than a Checkbook

    Entrepreneurs dedicate their entire lives to building their businesses, so when it's time to sell, they're not always going to be interested in the largest sum of money. There are three things they often look for in business offers. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts on offering entrepreneurs more than a checkbook in SmallBizDaily.Read the original article here. Entrepreneurs invest their heart and soul toward the goal of making their businesses successful.So, it makes sense that, when t...  Read More

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    CFO: Not All CFOs Can Handle M&A

    Chief financial officers typically have a large sum of abilities, but expertise of the mergers and acquisitions process is rarely needed in this role, and it can be an expensive skill to hire for. Outsourcing the dealmaking skillset only while it's needed is beneficial for three main reasons. It was a privilege to share on this topic in my latest article in CFO. Read the original article here. Chief financial officers are an indispensable part of a company’s corporate structu...  Read More

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    Client Case Study: Axial Exchange, rest in peace

    Axial Exchange filed articles of dissolution on July 31, 2019. Its two predecessor companies, Register Patient and Ingage Patient, were incorporated in 2009 and backed by respected venture capital investors. A merger provided new energy in 2015, but it was clear by late 2018 that Axial no longer met the profile for VC investments.   Read More

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