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    4 things private equity firms can do when faced with an underperforming investment

    Mergers and Acquisitions recently featured an article by Oaklyn's Christopher Wright exploring the various options for private equity firms when they're trying to extract value out of an underperforming investment. Follow this link to read the original article.Businesses fail for any number of reasons. A company could be decades old with a track record of healthy profit margins before taking a sudden downturn; conversely, distressed investments can easily pivot with the proper guida...  Read More

  • 2018 Is Coming. 6 Things to Think About As The New Year Starts.

    As we close out 2017, it’s obvious that times are awfully good right now. A lot of things are working in the economy. The Dow is hitting new highs.   Read More

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    How an Hourly Billing Model Helps Us Reach Underserved Clients

    The Alliance of M&A Advisors' MidMarket Talk newsletter recently featured a column from Frank in which he discussed situations where our hourly billing model helps us serve clients more effectively. Find the original article here or read below.One reason my career as an investment banker appeals to me is because I see how our work directly benefits people and the economy.Like other investment banking firms, my firm assists investor groups and startup-to-middle-market ...  Read More

  • Who We Helped in 2017

    In this season of giving thanks, we’d like to extend our gratitude to the entrepreneurs and investors we’ve worked with this past year. Thank you for the strong working relationships we’ve shared and for entrusting us with the big decisions concerning you and your business. We value your vote of confidence.Mergers & Acquisitions ConsultingIT Systems integrator in talks with a Fortune 100 corporationInsurance services company in talks with a publicly-traded insurance brokerR...  Read More

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    Managing Investor Relationships With Family and Friends

    Frank recently wrote a column for Small Biz Daily featuring advice for navigating investor relationships with family and friends. Find the original article here or read below.We’ve all heard the advice many times before: Don’t do business with friends and family.The reasons why are obvious. You don’t want to risk damaging close personal relationships because of a misunderstanding over money, or because of philosophical differences in how a business should be run.In sp...  Read More

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