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    BOSS Magazine: The 5 Stakeholders to Consider in Your Post-Merger Integration Plan

    Signing on the dotted line means the merger or acquisition is really just beginning – it's when you stop discussing what's going to be done and start doing it. That's why it's especially important to create a detailed post-merger integration plan that carefully considers five key stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, capital providers and the organization itself. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts on meeting the needs of these important groups immediately after a merger...  Read More

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    SmallBizDaily: 5 Stakeholders to Consider During Post-Deal Integration

    The close of a deal is certainly cause for celebration, but it doesn't mean the work is over. In fact, what comes next is a far busier and more important season for the buyer. There are five key stakeholders that should be carefully considered during post-deal integration.   Read More

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    Who We Helped in 2019

    During the holiday season, our tradition is to reflect on the year and assess how we fulfilled our purpose as a firm. Maybe you do something similar.Oaklyn Consulting's purpose is to be a good citizen of the business communities where we operate.In particular, we serve fellow professionals who are seeking thoughtful, strategic financial advice for clients or situations that are hard for investment banking firms to serve.Our partners are the capital markets departments of banks and financial ...  Read More

  • Post Featured Image Venture Capital Winners and Losers: How to Stop the Bleeding From a Struggling VC Investment and How to Capitalize on Success

    Risk-taking is a natural part of venture capital. Many times, investments turn out just as expected. But other times, they can lead to either massive payoffs or problematic results.   Read More

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    Memphis Business Journal: How to stop the bleeding from a struggling VC investment

    Venture capital investors typically know how to handle their clearly winning and losing investments. The challenging ones are those that could be valuable, but are currently bleeding cash. It was a pleasure to contribute an article to the Memphis Business Journal offering four ways to stop the bleeding from a struggling VC investment. Read the full article here. “We’ve got to stop the bleeding.”My client was a venture capital (VC) investor, talking about a small ...  Read More

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