• Who We Helped in 2017

    In this season of giving thanks, we’d like to extend our gratitude to the entrepreneurs and investors we’ve worked with this past year. Thank you for the strong working relationships we’ve shared and for entrusting us with the big decisions concerning you and your business. We value your vote of confidence.Mergers & Acquisitions ConsultingIT Systems integrator in talks with a Fortune 100 corporationInsurance services company in talks with a publicly-traded insurance brokerR...  Read More

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    Managing Investor Relationships With Family and Friends

    Frank recently wrote a column for Small Biz Daily featuring advice for navigating investor relationships with family and friends. Find the original article here or read below.We’ve all heard the advice many times before: Don’t do business with friends and family.The reasons why are obvious. You don’t want to risk damaging close personal relationships because of a misunderstanding over money, or because of philosophical differences in how a business should be run.In sp...  Read More

  • Our Time-Based Billing Approach Helps In These Four Situations

    Our by-the-hour-model allows us act as a counselor, working alongside our clients to help them achieve their objectives. It seems like a little tweak, but the billing model allows us to help in many situations where traditional investment bankers cannot. Here are the stories of a few recent assignments:“One-off deal” - when our client knew who they wanted to negotiate with and they didn’t want to create an auction.   Read More

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    Medical Practice Buyout Offers: To Sell or Not To Sell?

    A recent Physician’s Foundation Survey of 17,000 doctors found that healthcare providers “struggle to maintain morale levels, adapt to changing delivery and payment models, and provide patients with reasonable access to care.” These findings, along with the current uncertainty of U.S. healthcare legislation, indicate that it may be a good time for independent medical office owners to consider an acquisition by a “roll-up” practice or entertain hospital acquisition offers.However enticing a quick...  Read More

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    What to Do When Your Boss Sells the Company

    When a company is put up for sale, it creates a uniquely challenging situation for CFOs and other senior executives.At some point in their career, most employees are taken by surprise by a change in their job situation.But when a company is put up for sale, it creates a uniquely challenging situation for CFOs and other senior executives, who may find themselves in the unenviable position of having to ensure the success of a deal that will likely result in the loss of their jobs. During that unce...  Read More

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