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    6 M&A Lessons That Even Experienced Pros Forget Sometimes

    Frank Williamson recently penned an article for the Alliance of M&A Advisors' "MidMarket Talk" newsletter discussing some takeaways from a recent M&A forum he participated in.Read the original article here.Being an M&A advisor is an experience of constant learning. No matter how long I work in this profession — and I’ve been doing it for more than 20 years — I never cease to encounter situations that present unforeseen challenges.I recently participate...  Read More

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    5 Actions to Grow Your Business in Today's Economy

    Frank Williamson recently contributed a column to the Chattanooga Times Free Press's business magazine, EDGE, offering advice to business owners looking to expand in today's economy. Read the original article here.Our economy is thriving and it has never been a better time to be a small-to-midsize business owner. Here are five action items your business can implement to take advantage of the current economic climate:Sell.   Read More

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    4 Questions You Should Ask Before Taking on a Business Partner

    Oaklyn's Frank Williamson recently wrote this article for Small Business Today magazine. To read the article on the magazine's website, click here.It’s been said that the closest thing to being a king in the United States is owning your own business.You can decide everything you want about your work environment. Though many entrepreneurs might not admit it, there is a certain emotional charge from being the boss.Depending on what you envision for your business’...  Read More

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    Three situations when you may want to sell your business

    The prospect of selling one's business isn't something to take lightly. Yet, there are some situations when an offer might merit serious consideration. Oaklyn's Jack Rainer recently wrote an article for the Memphis Business Journal examining three situations when a business owner should pay attention to an offer to sell.Read the original article here.When you own a business, you tend to focus on the here and now.   Read More

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    4 things private equity firms can do when faced with an underperforming investment

    Mergers and Acquisitions recently featured an article by Oaklyn's Christopher Wright exploring the various options for private equity firms when they're trying to extract value out of an underperforming investment. Follow this link to read the original article.Businesses fail for any number of reasons. A company could be decades old with a track record of healthy profit margins before taking a sudden downturn; conversely, distressed investments can easily pivot with the proper guida...  Read More

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