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    Medical Practice Buyout Offers: To Sell or Not To Sell?

    A recent Physician’s Foundation Survey of 17,000 doctors found that healthcare providers “struggle to maintain morale levels, adapt to changing delivery and payment models, and provide patients with reasonable access to care.” These findings, along with the current uncertainty of U.S. healthcare legislation, indicate that it may be a good time for independent medical office owners to consider an acquisition by a “roll-up” practice or entertain hospital acquisition offers. However ...  Read More

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    Is Debt or Equity Better for Your Business?

    Our friends at Axial Forum reached out to 4 investment banking professionals for advice to business owners about when debt or equity financing is the right fit.  My contribution was that the decision is determined by the type of business relationship a business owner wants with her funder, and it is fundamentally the choice between entering into a contract or a partnership.Other contributors highlighted these points:It depends on a business’s risk tolerance. Some companies may not be ...  Read More

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    Mergers/Acquisitions Are Not for the Faint of Heart

    It’s easy for CEOs to catch deal fever. The symptom is that good things about a merger or acquisition appear closer than the risks.Our experience is that deal fever can be dangerous unless someone splashes cold water on the person who has it.In May, the Memphis Business Journal published our tips for sobering up people who are considering mergers and acquisitions. They are:Buying a successful business does not mean you are buying success. Be as aware of merging company cultures as you...  Read More

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    How To Do It Right: Transfer of a Family Business

    Frank's advice on transferring ownership of a family business was featured in the May issue of BOSS Magazine. Find the original article here or read below.  How to do it Right: Transfer of a Family Business Many issues arise when considering the transfer of a family business: Timing the transition.   Read More

  • How Oaklyn Consulting Worked with Physicians Toward an M&A Solution - Or Not

    We pride ourselves on helping clients reach a ‘no-deal’ solution when it’s right for them. That was the result of our recent work with a family medicine practice. Here’s the story in 5 steps:  A practice was approached by a ‘roll-up’ practice which had recently acquired several similar doctor offices.   Read More

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