• Help When We Needed It

    One of OC's first assignments was referred by an investment bank. A group of veteran healthcare executives wanted to build a services roll-up. Naturally, they needed a platform acquisition on one side of this plan, and a financial sponsor on the other.   Read More

  • Policy Uncertainty and Its Effect on Healthcare Transactions

    For the last six months Oaklyn Consulting has seen an uptick in healthcare activity.  We’ve worked with providers, payors, and healthcare services and technology companies on engagements of varying size and scope.  However, our increase in healthcare business seems to run contrary to the market as a whole.   Read More

  • Post Featured Image

    Why You Shouldn’t Accept a Private Equity Firm’s Offer to Buy Your Business

    On April 5, Midlands Anchor published Frank's article on why you should respectfully decline an offer for your company. You went into business because you believed in offering great choices for yourself, your clients and your employees; a sale should further that value.  Here are a few reasons why 'no deal' can sometimes be the best strategy. To read more, follow this link to the Midlands Anchor article or download the attachment.OC- Midlands Anchor - Why You Shouldnt ...  Read More

  • Oaklyn Consulting Adds Two Seasoned Business and Finance Professionals

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., March 16, 2017 — Oaklyn Consulting, a business financial strategy firm, announced today that Jack Rainer and Chris Wright have joined the firm.In their roles at Oaklyn Consulting, Rainer and Wright will help business owners use financial analysis to navigate strategic issues and challenges. Those challenges might include responding to an offer to buy the company, determining why and how to pursue growth funding or how to transition management within the business. They w...  Read More

  • Market Color: Middle Market Valuations 2016

    Our friends at GF Data® produce unusually good information about how private companies are valued in M&A transactions. For 2016, a few headlines from their analysis and a round-table meeting of M&A lawyers and investment bankers this week in Atlanta are:Record high valuations for companies $10-250 million in enterprise value. 6.9x EBITDA.High valuations were achieved by very well performing companies.   Read More

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