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    Private Equity at Work: Tennessee, Georgia Draw More Investment

    The Tennessee Valley is known for its gritty factories, soaring dams, Southern hospitality and mountain views.It's not known for its hopping private equity scene.But perhaps it should be.Investors committed $7.7 billion in private equity through 53 transactions in Tennessee during 2013, putting the Volunteer State among the top 20 states in the nation. And not to be left behind, Georgia cracked the top 10 with $11.5 billion in private equity across 78 transactions, according to the Private Equit...  Read More

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    Showcasing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Charleston, South Carolina

    I had the opportunity to represent FourBridges at DIG SOUTH earlier this month, participating in a panel on crowdfunding. DIG SOUTH founders Stanfield and Sunny Gray are doing a great service in my home state, drawing attention to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Charleston, and bringing together two important groups: people who are building businesses and those who can help them grow and secure funding.I was honored to be part of a panel discussion with an engaging group of experienced investor...  Read More

  • Most Common Problems with Family-Run Midmarket Firms and How to Correct Them

    According to Family Enterprise USA, there are 5.5 million family-owned businesses in the U.S. These companies employ 63 percent of the workforce and contribute 57 percent of America’s gross domestic product, making them a crucial piece of our economy.Based on my experience advising family-owned businesses, the most common problems hindering a family business’s growth, profitability and value often stem from the lack of formality, leadership and process structure.This article will tak...  Read More

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    Understanding Your Company’s Worth—A Step-By-Step Guide to Business Valuations

    Because business owners are not immortal, every business faces one of two fates at some point: sale or closure. And every business owner—at least, every one I’ve known—prefers the former over the latter.Yet, very few of the 15,000 business owners in Greenville—much less the 70,000 in all of South Carolina—have a realistic idea of what their business is worth. This knowledge is not only essential to selling a business; it can also provide a marker for gauging the ong...  Read More

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    The 12 Days of Christmas for Your Business-Complete List

    With holiday hustle and bustle in high gear, many business owners are winding down—carving out time for the annual office party and preparing for a smooth coast into 2014. Though distractions tend to be abnormally high, the month of December is a valuable time to plan for success in the new year.Make the last few weeks of December count by implementing these 12 holiday housecleaning tips—our version of the “12 Days of Christmas for Your Business.”1. On the first day of Ch...  Read More

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