Client Case Study: Distribution Company, M&A Consulting

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Client Case Study: Distribution Company, M&A Consulting

In the recent sale of a distribution company, we tailored a project that was very different from traditional M&A engagements... and it closed the deal.

Issues & concerns

  1. Business owner desired investment banking advice and was disappointed that he was not able to engage a traditional M&A boutique due to the size of his company
  2. While confident that he could identify and attract potential buyers, he worried about his lack of market and process knowledge to respond to bids
  3. While experienced in sales negotiations and share-of-revenue acquisitions, he was afraid he might miss something in negotiating the sale of his entire business

Transaction highlights

  1. Distribution company with $15-20 million in sales
  2. Buyer was a long-hold private equity fund; this was the fund's first investment
  3. Owner wanted a limited, self-directed sale process
  4. Our role was to support the owner's self-directed sale process with bid analysis, limited market outreach and background counsel during negotiations; our participation remains confidential
  5. The project resulted from a boutique investment bank's referral

Oaklyn Consulting is the advisor of choice for helping middle-market companies with capital strategy decisions and small or complex transactions. We serve as a guide, not a broker, providing middle market investment banking services as consultants with time-based billing.

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