Our Clients

We work with business owners, bankers, lawyers, accountants, financial planners, economic development professionals, as well as investment bankers and investors. We are here to help you create better outcomes for you, your clients, or your partners. 

To the Business Owner

We will help you make good, sound financial and strategic decisions about accepting outside investment.

Answer: “You might be better off without it.” (or) “Not now, but later.”

Negotiate with potential investors, knowing what the other side needs.

Answer: “How to grow the pie” versus “giving away the store.”

Organize your company to be attractive to outside investors.

Answer: “Why are you expanding your business?” (or) “ What’s  your exit strategy?” (and) “Have you maximized cash flow?”

Anticipate and implement the changes that come with accepting outside investors or a lender.

Answer: “Do so with sensitivity to employees, family members, and other stakeholders.”

To the Investor

Knowing what companies need to operate and investors need to satisfy a Limited Partner’s expectations.

Answer: “Provide a knowledgeable and understanding resource.”

Closing the deal reliably, responsibly, and respectfully.

Answer: “Demonstrate patience, openness, and knowledge.”

To the Professional Advisor

We are here to help you help your clients.

Answer: Providing unique business perspectives. Facilitating deal processes with problem-solving strategies. Adding project management capacity so things run smoothly and on schedule.

Our Purpose

First of all, we’re here to help you reach well-informed business decisions. Assist you in navigating the waters of change and traveling the highways of opportunity to the future. 

Whether you’re a business owner, professional advisor, or investor, think of us as the weathervane that will consistently guide you through the headwinds that stand between you and a decision. And when it comes time to make that decision, rest assured you will have the knowledge and the confidence that it’s the right one.

Our Approach

Whether you need help with strategic planning, merger integration, financing, acquisition, company succession, outside investment, company sale, or growing your business, give us a call or send us an email.

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