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Chris Turley

Chris Turley

I’ve been helping businesses grow and prosper for more than a decade now. I can relate to business owners facing major decisions because I’m one myself, having founded a company that offers search and outreach services to companies eyeing expansion.

As part of the team at Oaklyn Consulting, I bring sales skills that help us reach capital providers and buyers of companies more effectively. Speaking the language of investors and business acquirers, I know what to listen for as we help them understand our clients’ businesses and evaluate them against investment criteria, and I follow up with the energy you would want in your best salesperson. To me, winning at sales means combining technical know-how, great people skills and practical business sense.

On the academic side, I’ve got an Associate of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I bring a high level of discipline and rigor to my work, which I picked up during my engineering days.

I’ve helped numerous clients discover and lock in interest for their businesses. I can do the same for you, helping to steer through tricky deals and make sure they run smoothly.