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Chris Turley

Chris Turley

I am a proficient business developer specializing in investor and acquirer outreach. With over a decade of experience in this field, I founded a company that offers impeccable buy-side search and outreach services to companies aiming to expand by obtaining and organizing direct-to-end-user engagements.

By synergizing my expertise with investors, acquirers, and sales, along with the discipline and rigor instilled in me from my previous engineering background, I have helped numerous clients discover and actively qualify interest in their respective transactions.

I bring a unique mix of technical proficiency, interpersonal abilities, and practical business acumen to organizations, navigating complex transactions and delivering seamless and successful outcomes.

My credentials include an Associate of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

If you are seeking a reliable and competent partner to achieve your growth objectives, I am your ally, possessing professionalism, focus, and proven success in similar ventures.

If you want to navigate your next significant deal, let’s talk.