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Negotiating the Best Deal

Negotiating the Best Deal: A Checklist for Business Sellers

Successfully selling a business can be challenging as the process entails careful planning, strategic thinking, and the ability to negotiate effectively to ensure the best deal possible.

Every deal is different, but you can get the best possible outcome by following these five steps.

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How to Sell a Business in 5 Simple Steps: A Guide for SMBs

There’s nothing simple about selling a business. The road to a successful sale is often rocky, with plenty of detours and wrong turns along the way.

Every journey begins with a first step — and with that in mind, we wrote the five steps on how to sell a business.

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Oaklyn Consulting_How not to be a turkey in closing a deal

How Not to Be a Turkey in Getting to a Deal

Closing a deal can often feel like navigating a Thanksgiving family dinner, where everyone has their own agendas and interests.

Without the right strategy, you risk making costly mistakes. So it’s essential to arrive at the table well prepared, with all the skills and tools you’ll need to have your greatest chance of success.

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