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Daniel Levison

I’ve been in the commercial real estate world for over four decades, so if I haven’t seen it all, I’ve probably at least been in the neighborhood.

My passion for helping out small and medium-sized businesses with their real estate needs kicked in when I was just 18 and working at a well-respected brokerage firm.

I’ve worn a lot of hats over my career, from owning and managing multi-tenant warehouses to office buildings. Some people have called me a master negotiator, but the truth is that I love crafting deals where everyone’s a winner, whether they’re a landlord or a tenant. Every client is unique, so I dive deep into understanding what makes them tick to steer them toward the best outcome. I also stay on the cutting edge of technology and use it to help my clients make smart, data-driven decisions.

As part of the team at Oaklyn Consulting, I’m the go-to person when a client transaction has a real estate component. Whether you’re contemplating an offer on some property from afar, debating whether to lease or buy, or just need some guidance on managing cash flow, I’ve got the know-how to make things easy.

I can read between the lines of a lease document, going through a point-by-point checklist to make sure clients are getting a fair deal. I take it personally — your success is my success. You can count on me for professional, personalized service that delivers real results.