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Daniel Levison

Daniel Levison is a commercial real estate expert. He has 40+ years of experience buying multitenant warehouses and office buildings, managing leases, and helping small to medium-sized businesses buy or sell their buildings. There are a lot of new technologies that make it easier for my clients, says Daniel. Maybe one wants to know how much to bid on a property that’s miles away. Daniel pulls up his BOV, or Broker Opinion of Value, on his computer, and in minutes he has an answer.

He also answers the “big questions.” Should you lease or should you buy? How’s your cash flow? What are your upfront costs? Is your lease “net “or “gross”? He shows clients all the opportunities, understanding distribution patterns, traffic, where will your business be in five or 10 years. It’s knowing different industries, and understanding the characteristics of that business or industry, and applying it to the basics of commercial real estate.

He says one of the biggest reasons he got into commercial real estate is every deal is different. Sure, the transaction and familiar steps you go through to buy or sell a building might be the same, but no two clients are alike. When one zigs, the other zags. Daniel always cautions his clients when buying or selling a property. Don’t talk about the deal before it’s under contract. Never close before zoning is approved. And always be prepared to pay the costs of due diligence.

When it comes to reading a lease, he looks for the same 25 things every time. Who owns the building? What are the zoning laws? How about the length of the lease? What’s the monthly rent? Any default and termination clauses? And what about the cost of taxes, insurance, utilities, and maintenance? He wants his clients to be informed.

Daniel got his first job with a brokerage company when he was 18 and attending Georgia State. He didn’t grow up thinking he was going to pursue the business. As a matter of fact, he had dreams of becoming a professional basketball player, but a back injury kept him off the court. We’re very happy Daniel joined our team.

If you’re a business owner or company looking for answers, whether it’s negotiating with outside investors, merging with a competitor, considering an acquisition, or looking to buy, sell or lease a commercial building, give Oaklyn Consulting a call. We’re here to help. To guide you to a successful outcome. And above all…to listen.