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Frank Williamson


I don’t want this to sound like every other bio because I approach my job differently. First of all, I am approachable. Yes, I earned a Harvard MBA, helped build a Fortune 500 insurance company through acquisitions, divestitures, and restructuring, and managed its balance sheet during the Credit Crisis in ’08 and ’09.

In a career spent working on transactions – by turns as an investment banker, executive, and board member – I have been responsible for more than $7 billion in financing and M&A transactions and managed a $40 billion investment portfolio. As a professional services firm manager, I have started businesses, grown them, and helped turn them around, in one case assisting my colleagues in doubling revenue, tripling the sales pipeline, and quadrupling transaction volume, and in another, reaching #35 on the Inc. 500 list. It has been a valuable experience, which I can put to work for you.

When I opened this firm, I asked two fundamental questions. One: Who do we want to do business with? And two: Who will want to do business with us? Business is a relationship. And in that relationship, there must be trust, honesty, integrity, and respect. And that holds for both sides of the table. As a client, you and we, as knowledgeable transaction advisors, invest our trust in one another. And we’re always honest in our conversations, negotiations, and decisions. And the result…is respect.

That’s how we want to run our firm, and if that’s the way you believe in running yours and you’re facing some big decisions that have raised questions, we should talk.