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Leah Williams

Leah Williams
She’s an innovative storyteller who wants to help entrepreneurs and business owners tell theirs. Communicate who they are and what they stand for. Why they became entrepreneurs. And what makes their product, service, or business unique and relevant in today’s competitive marketplace. Honesty and candor are at the top of her list of essential character traits. And strong leadership skills and a competitive spirit are not far behind.

This is Leah Williams. She’s one-part entrepreneur, one-part journalist, and one-part graphic designer. Talented and experienced in presentation design, she started her own consulting firm in New York City. She also worked with some of the most respected and enterprising CEOs and companies in the country. Among them, are iMicrosoft, Discovery Channel, Gap, and Ogilvy, to name a few.

Her sole purpose is to get business decision makers and entrepreneurs on the map. Leah will teach you how to make successful and effective presentations, whether you’re speaking to venture capitalists, your banker, or a potential buyer. When it comes to investor-related communications strategies, she’ll acquaint you with your audience’s sensitivities; help you identify your strategic opportunities; and avoid any potential pitfalls.

Leah is a resourceful and quick-thinking decision maker. She has a keen eye and natural insight into what does and doesn’t work. She can show you how to take your presentation or proposal and turn it into a persuasive work of art. One that not only gets attention but gets remembered.

Her proving ground was NASA’s Internship Program and the University of Chicago’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. The time she spent teaching courses in the classroom on building a compelling pitch deck proved to be invaluable to her students and their success.

Are you concerned about how to communicate with investors? Convince them of your future plans? Explain how you’ll generate a fair return on capital? Maybe it’s time to contact Oaklyn Consulting. Leah is here to help you find ways to effectively persuade and answer any question your investors or lenders might have. Answers that could turn them into your company’s brand ambassadors. What could be better than that.