Who We Helped in 2019

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Who We Helped in 2019

During the holiday season, our tradition is to reflect on the year and assess how we fulfilled our purpose as a firm. Maybe you do something similar.

Oaklyn Consulting's purpose is to be a good citizen of the business communities where we operate.

In particular, we serve fellow professionals who are seeking thoughtful, strategic financial advice for clients or situations that are hard for investment banking firms to serve.

Our partners are the capital markets departments of banks and financial services firms, wealth managers, lawyers and private equity investors.

Through them, we meet business owners seeking to grow by acquisition, manage ownership succession, respond to acquisition offers or navigate change with their investors or lenders.

Sometimes the conversation is exploratory, sometimes we are not the best fit, and sometimes we earn a client.

Every time, we try to enrich the business community with careful listening, a helpful option and our best effort at making our referral partners proud of having placed their trust in us.

So how did we do this year?

  • For the second year in a row, we were referred to business owners more than 100 times

  • We helped 26 clients with strategic finance, capital-raising or merger/acquisition projects

    • 14 were weighing options for the sale of their companies

    • 10 were navigating business succession issues

    • 10 were seizing opportunities for exponential growth

    • 8 were searching for the right source of growth capital

    • 5 were dealing with the pressure of financial distress

    • 4 were considering opportunities to buy other companies

  • We shared our expertise broadly in order to make capital easier for businesses to arrange.  We contributed 12 articles to business publications like Mergers & Acquisitions Magazine, CFO Magazine, BOSS Magazine, Small Biz Daily, and Business Journals across the Southeast.

  • Our unique fee-based approach to investment banking -- which enables us to help in situations that are not attractive to traditional investment banks -- was recognized 2 times with national awards for business innovation

Our holiday wish is that 2019 will offer you new opportunities to pursue your purpose and the chance to top last year’s success.

Should you find that capital worries are keeping you up nights, you can always turn to us for perspective.

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