Maximize Your Value

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

How do you maximize the value of your company?

You run a business. Sometime in the future you’d like to sell it and move to that small island in the Caribbean. So how do you get the best price? It’s all about maximizing the value and minimizing risk. Ask yourself. Do you have a strong, motivated management team? Do they have what it takes to grow the company when you leave? Kudos, that means the company’s future is not dependent on its owner.

How about predictable future earnings? The number of ways a business earns money reduces risk. Multiple revenue streams are attractive to potential buyers. And if your company’s revenue is recurring and stable, all the better. That’s money in the bank.

Customer diversification? What would happen if your largest customer left? Panic? Chaos? That could be a black eye. The more diverse your customer base, the more buyers you’ll have knocking at your door. A good indicator, you don’t want one customer that accounts for 10 percent or more of your revenue.

So, what’s new? Buyers are interested in your company’s future. Any new products or services in the never-ending pipeline? Is the business scalable and this has nothing to do with fish. And everything to do with rolling it into new markets successfully.

And you can’t forget due diligence. Buyers will put you under the microscope. Check performance. Look at the books. And finally, make a decision. If you want it to be favorable, call us. That pot of gold is closer than you think.

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